Hello My pets.  Welcome to My website.  I am a Professional Dominatrix offering sessions to men, women and couples over the age of 18 years old.  I believe there are few people that enjoy their work as much as I do.  I find spanking, flogging, whipping, bondage, blindfolds, nipple torture, collars, leashes, humiliation, forced feminization,                      (well you get the picture…..) is a passion for Me.

Being a Dominatrix, I have a responsibility to My clients to provide them with a safe environment to act on their fantasies.  I believe that you need the tools and skills to be successful in this field.  To be able to effectively listen to My clients desires and transform those needs into the most fulfilling sessions.

Read through My entire website.  Hopefully I have answered some of your questions.  Feel free to email Me in regards to you specific questions or needs.

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