My Night of Pain

It had been a long hard couple of weeks.  Full of stress, lack of sleep and lots of frustration.  I needed a release.  I needed a good long hard beating.  Running my Saturday errands I couldn’t wait for the day to be over.  Sometimes I just need a release, I need to let go of the power and put it into the hands of my trusted partner.  He knows exactly what I need, what to do, how far to push me.

The evening starts as I walk into his apartment.  He asks me if I need to chill for a bit or if I’m ready to start.  I tell him I’m ready.  Truth is, I was ready about 3 days prior to this night.   He points to the wrist and ankle cuffs laying on the table.  I quickly undress and put on the cuffs.  He motions from across the room to come to him.  I crawl across the room to him on all fours, stopping to kneel in front of him.  He grabs a handful of my hair and pulls firmly, reminding me that I have given up all my power tonight.  As he releases I instantly start sucking his cock.  He lets me play with it for awhile then decides it’s time to intervene.   As he pushes and pulls my head, forcing his cock in and out of my throat.  Enjoying the gurgle sounds and watching my salvia run down my chin.  I feel the overwhelming urge to please him as I give into my submission.  He fucks my face until he gets close to cumming and pulls back to shot a load of his cum into my open mouth.  I swallow, wipe my chin and put my hands behind my back waiting patiently for what is to come next.

He pulls a hood over my head and leads me to the center of the room, telling me to lie on my back.  Securing my ankles and hands and tells me to roll over on my stomach.  He kicks my thighs open and applies the electrical pads from the tens unit.  Turning the electricity on to just above a comfortable level.  He leaves for a moment and when he returns he notices that I have adjusted to the pain it was causing me.  He makes a comment that I have already adjusted to the pain and bumps it up higher.   After a bit he ask me if I’m enjoying it and when I reply “yes Master” he informs me that I’m not suppose to be enjoying it.  It’s suppose to be painful.  He rips the pads off my dripping pussy and gets me to my feet.  Leading me into his bedroom and up onto the bed.

I hear the clanking of the heavy metal chains secured under the bed.  He latches me down tightly on the bed, my legs and arms spread wide apart for him to do whatever he wants.  Total access to every part of my body.  I am helpless to anything he may do to me.  He starts using canes on the inside of my thighs, tapping slowly but firmly.  The pain starts to make me squirm, as much as I can, considering how tightly I am bound to the bed.  Canes, hands, hairbrushes, paddles, straps, and wooden spoons…. I lose track of all the implements of pain being use upon my thighs, my stomach, my breasts.  No part of my body is safe from his reach.  Time seems to stand still as he tortures my body, he tells me how this is just the beginning of what is to come.  He asks me if this is what I want, what I need.  I whisper “yes Master”….20, 30, 40 minutes pass as I squirm, cuss and whimper in pain.  He decides it time to turn me over.

Releasing my enough just to roll me over onto my stomach, placing a pillow under my stomach to get my ass high in the air.  Securing my body back down tightly to the bed.  My shoulders ache from being above my head but I say nothing.  This is what I wanted, what I needed, what I so desperately desire.  He shoves a dildo inside my wet cunt, commenting on what a slut I am.  Teasing me about how he should just rape my ass since my hole is not available.  I beg him not to fuck me in the ass, he laughs and starts working on my ass, working up and down my back to my feet.  No section of my body is safe from him.  Again, canes paddles, hands, hairbrushes, and straps.  As time passes he starts hitting harder and harder, then he pulls out a belt.  Standing next to the bed he starts hitting me with the belt.  At times it feels so good I feel myself pushing my ass up into the air to meet the belt.  As he moves to the end of the bed next to my feet the feeling turns to intense pain as the belt continues to pierce my flesh.  I start to whimper and after awhile beg for him to not hit me from that angle.  It’s too painful for me to handle.  When I start to giggle he knows that he will need to stop soon.  He continues but can tell I’m getting close to the end of my threshold of pain.  He pushes me until I ask for him to stop then releases me from the chains and curls up next to my quivering body.  He wraps his arms around me and tells me how proud he is of me.  How much pain I endured, how brave I was.  I lay in his arms, a puddle and fall asleep.  When I wake he asks me if I got what I needed.  I reply, “yes Master, thank you”.

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